10 Funny Phenomena Worldwide Due To Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it untold death and suffering. It has also induced confusion, panic, and boredom that has evoked both the best and the worst in people. Due to the ongoing social isolation and lockdown measures put in place by governments across the world, many people are resorting to unusual practices to keep them busy and entertained.

Many more are stocking on toilet paper, food, and guns. The scenes and events worldwide are like the unraveling of a comedic apocalypse. Here are 10 funny phenomena that have resulted from the coronavirus.

10. North Korea Shooting Persons Infected With The Virus

Kim Jong-un

There is a rumor widely circulating on the internet that North Korean leader Kim Jung Un ordered the execution of the country’s first COVID-19 patient. There is only one news media outlet in the country that is state-controlled and it is, therefore, impossible to confirm if the rumor is true or false.

It is unlikely that there are no cases of coronavirus infections in the country because it is shares borders with China and South Korea; country’s which have reported thousands of cases and deaths. Is the Hermit Kingdom lying about the numbers of people infected or does it execute them on mere suspicion? We may never know. A supreme leader who can shoot nuclear missiles into the sea without warning is capable of anything.

9. Americans Stocking Up On Guns When The Epidemic Broke Out

Americans Stocking Up On Guns

As coronavirus cases began rising rapidly in the US so were gun purchases. Americans queued in front of stores across many states in the country this time not to buy the new Apple product but to buy guns. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, name it, everything is up for stocking.

These scenes are truly terrifying but understandable at the same time. People are gripped with fear and unemployment has shot through the roof. In case the pandemic descends to the worst possible scenario, they want to be able to protect themselves and their families from outlaws such as looters and robbers and the violence brought about by chaos.

8. Toilet Paper Shortage Leading To Toilet Paper Being Used As Currency

Toilet paper shortage due to COVID-19

As bizarre as it may sound, the first commodity to sell out in wholesales and convenient stores alike during the COVID-19 outbreak was toilet paper. What does a respiratory infection have to do with wiping your ass? Nobody seems to make the connection, it’s just panic buying and you buy what you see other people buy.

This has led to a great toilet paper shortage to the point that the rolls are now being used as currency. A café in Queensland Australia now exchanges toilet rolls for a cup of coffee. A restaurant in Sydney accepts toilet paper for food and drinks and In Hong Kong and Singapore, the commodity is so precious that it is given out as a luxury gift item.

7. People Singing Choruses Along With Their Neighbors

Italians singing choruses with neighbors

There is nothing that unites people more than music. Well, that has been very evident during this coronavirus pandemic. In Italy and Spain two of the worst-hit countries in the world, there are videos making rounds of people singing choruses from their balconies.

They are having a good time singing patriotic songs, songs of their favorite artists, songs from movies and any other tune they can vocalize. In certain neighborhoods in the US, people step out of their front porches to dance in unison as they maintain social distance. In this period of sorrow, people want to keep their spirits up and there is no better way to do it other than through song and dance.

6. People Playing Games With Siri To Keep From Boredom

people play with siri when locked down at home

Apple recently updated its voice assistant famously known as Siri to help with the coronavirus pandemic. It can answer your questions concerning COVID-19 and check you for coronavirus symptoms during self-isolation. During self-isolation and social distancing, people finding themselves with the assistant as their only chat partner, are making the best out of it.

They are asking all manner of questions unrelated to anything going around the world. Questions like, ‘who is our father? What are you wearing?’ and some pretty funny knock-knock jokes. If you haven’t seized the opportunity yet you should go for it, ask Siri anything and wait for a hilarious response.

5. People Skateboarding At Home In Empty Pools

skateboarding at home

The art or sport of skating in a dry pool is known as pool skating and it has been around since the 1970s. The COVOD-19 pandemic has brought it back with a bang. The skate parks are closed but the home swimming pools are open. Nobody wants to be in water with another human being anymore because you do not know if they might just have the virus.

So why not drain the pool and skate inside instead? This is exactly what is happening. If your pool has slightly curved walls it would be even better for a smooth skating experience. Make sure to wear protective gear to avoid serious injury.

4. People Fishing In their Fish Tanks

fishing in tank at home

Indoor fishing is now a thing, all you need is a fish tank, a hook, line and sinker and maybe a small worm from your garden or backyard as the bait. If you can’t find any insects, leftover popcorns or Cheetos may do. People are fishing right inside their homes during this pandemic.

Fish in fish tanks who used to be fed are now being fished to ward off boredom. That’s no way to treat your pet, but if you are having fun and you are in your house, who can stop you? Fish away, just make sure to record and share the video so that other people can enjoy your fishing experience too.

3. People Counting Beans In The Bag

 counting beans in the bottle

Have you ever wondered how many beans could be in the bag? Maybe you have, it crossed your mind once but you just didn’t have the time to count. The coronavirus has made it possible for this mystery to be solved. People have so much time in their hands, they are counting beans in bags to pass time.

It sounds like something inmates might do not ordinary people with smartphones and an internet connection. After a while, being on social media gets boring and you have to be creative with how you kill your time. You may just invent a new method of counting, who knows.

2. Renting dogs to walk them outside as a means of evading lockdown

 Renting dogs to walk them outside

There are some jurisdictions such as Spain that allow people to go outside during lockdown when they intend to walk their dogs. Pets need their daily dose of fresh air or they may go berserk barking loudly and tearing the upholstery on household furniture.

Crafty people have spotted this loophole in legislation and they are now renting dogs to walk them just so that they can go out too. Staying home all day and night could be exhausting. So you might as well pay for you and your neighbor’s dog’s walk on the empty pathways as long as authorities do not uncover your scheme.

1. People Wearing Camouflage Outfits And Garbage Costumes To Go Outside

 wearing camouflage outfits

The best place to hide is in plain sight, right? This is the art of camouflage that has been used for decades by the army. It comes in handy during a pandemic too with restrictions on movements. There have been videos shared online of people in twigs, leaves and painted green tiptoeing from tree to tree.

It is hard for the police to see them let alone apprehend them for breaking the law. Other people were spotted in dog and garbage can costumes, dashing between neighborhoods. If only this great talent could be utilized in the circus the world would be a more entertaining place.





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