Avoiding These 10 Foods And Drinks Will Let Your Skin Be Reborn Beautifully

The skin is the largest body organ. It is, therefore, the first indicator of poor nutrition, ill health and anything that might be going wrong with your vital body processes. A smooth fair skin signifies great health while a dry, patchy scaly skin with pimples rashes or acne breakouts signifies dehydration and a poor choice of foods.

The first thing to do to attain beautiful skin is to watch your diet. Eat skin-friendly foods and drinks and make it a habit. You should absolutely avoid these 10 foods and drinks if you wish to see your skin rejuvenated and glowing always.

10. Coffee

Coffee is especially bad for people with high hormonal fluctuations

Coffee is especially bad for people with high hormonal fluctuations. A high dose of acidic caffeine in coffee makes you alert by triggering a stress response in the body. The stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands increase the level of insulin in your blood. The excess insulin results in the production of more oils that clogs up your skin pores leading to a skin breakout. You would spot the breakout in the most sensitive skin of your face as acne. Coffee is great for the motivation in kick-starting your day, if you, however, want flawless skin, you will have to avoid it.


9. Salty Food

salty food leads to an increase in sodium in your body

Consuming a lot of salty food leads to an increase in sodium in your body. Sodium is the primary component in salt and it is certainly not healthy when taken in large quantities. An excess of sodium will leave you dehydrated by retaining water in certain parts of your body.

The skin, which is the largest organ will suffer the most and it will show by turning dry, scaly, itchy and patchy. A great indicator of excessive sodium intake is having puffy eyes due to water retention in the skin under your eyes. Avoid foods that are too salty for hydrated glowing skin. Processed foods with a high sodium content should be the number one food to strike off your list.


8. Pickle

pickles are terrible for your skin

Pickles are generally vegetables that have been pickled; a process of soaking them in jars fully of salt vinegar and water solution (known as brine), to preserve them. These vegetables could be slices of cucumbers, onions, or beets. Pickles are too salty, and that’s why they stay fresh longer because they can retain water for many days. They are however terrible for your skin. Two pickle slices would contain up to 600mg of sodium, this is more than a quarter of your daily recommended limit. We all know what excess sodium does, it leads to dry, itchy skin. To preserve your vegetables, use the refrigerator instead, avoid pickling.


7. Cake

Cake is bad for the skin because of its composition

Cake is bad for the skin because of its composition. It is made up of processed white flour that has a high carbohydrate content and refined sugar for the sweet taste. Cake, therefore, has a high glycemic index, it is digested pretty fast to release a large amount of glucose in the blood. Eating too much cake leads to an increased level of insulin in an attempt to control your blood sugar levels.

Rapid insulin spikes trigger the production of sebum; a natural body oil that clogs your skin pores creating an outbreak of pimples. Refined sugar in cake and cream has the same effect as the carbohydrate. It is hard to avoid cake because of birthday parties and weddings, but if you must eat cake, then eat low-fat sugar-free cake.


6. French Fries

french fries contain lots of high carbohydrate and oils which are bad to skin

French fries can cause acne due to the high carbohydrate content in them. Fries are made purely of potatoes which is a starch. Eating French fries often introduces a lot of glucose in your blood that triggers the overproduction of insulin which leads to excess oil production in your skin. French fires could also cause a skin breakout due to the high fat content acquired from the oil used to fry them. The extra amount of undigested oil would pop out in the form of pimples in the face. French fries also need a lot of salt for taste. The carb, the fat and the salt all contribute to poor skin health.


5. Cola

cola have a lot of sugar in it

Cola refers to sweetened carbonated soft drinks. They are sweetened with refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrups. Most of them contain caffeine originally sourced from kola nut, hence it acquired the name ‘cola’. All soft drinks and especially those under the brand names Coca-Cola and Pepsi can be considered cola drinks.

The excess refined sugar in cola drinks leads to a spike in insulin in your blood triggering skin breakouts. The caffeine an acidic solution in cola dehydrates your body leading to dry, itchy skin. To attain smooth healthy skin you should drink more water and replace cola drinks with natural sugar-free fruit juices.


4. Charred Meat

The process of grilling meat or cooking it at high temperatures is what creates charred meats. This is the black burn that smells and tastes great. Cooking meat on a grill could, however, have very negative impacts on your skin. When the meat is charred, harmful carcinogenic compounds known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are produced.

These latch onto your skin together with the smoke and most of them find their way into your body when you feed on charred meats. These harmful compounds could accumulate in the largest organ of your body, the skin, and lead to skin cancers. Cook meat normally and avoid grilling to maintain healthy skin.


3. Candy

sugar enters directly into your bloodstream leading to inflammation of skin hence worsening conditions such as acne

We all recognize candy for its sweet taste. This means that the primary ingredient of all candies is sugar, and refined sugar fir that case. This sugar is pure glucose and when it gets into the blood, it leads to a spike in insulin production. Excess insulin would stimulate unnecessary production of oil which manifests in your skin in the form of pimple breakouts.

The refined sugar also enters directly into your bloodstream leading to inflammation of skin hence worsening conditions such as acne. Candy should be avoided because it affects your skin and it could also lead to poor dental health.


2. Popcorn

The high carb content and salt in popcorn will destroy you skin

Popcorn, as the name suggests, is a type of corn that pops when exposed to heat. Popcorn is, therefore, starch with a high concentration of carbohydrates. The high carb content increases the levels of insulin in your blood leading to inflammation and breakouts on the skin. Most popcorn comes salted in packs, and it is the great amount of salt in them that is worrying.

The excess salt would cause dehydration that would manifest as dry and itchy skin. For movies and something chewy between meals, you should try snacking on something else apart from popcorns. Nuts such as almond and groundnuts would work just fine.


1. Alcohols

Alcohols will dry you skin

The greatest dehydration on your body occurs from alcohol consumption. Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol which is a natural diuretic. It increases the excretion of water from the body mostly through urination. Therefore more your drink the more dehydrated you will become.

The lack of water in your body would leave your skin dry. Heavy and frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks would lead to a constantly dry skin that would form into wrinkles pretty soon. Alcohol, therefore, leads to faster aging of the skin. To prevent dehydration, drink lots of water between alcoholic drinks. To have a healthy naturally glowing beautiful skin you will have to keep off alcohol entirely.


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